About Doon Silk

DOON SILK a brand of Uttarakhand Cooperative Resham Federation (UCRF)

Uttarakhand Cooperative Resham Federation (UCRF) was founded in the year 2002, in Dehradun with the purpose of carrying out the post-cocoon activities of the Sericulture Department of Uttarakhand.

With more than 2 decades of experience, our organization has become a breath of fresh air and a driving force for reviving the traditional silk weaving of Uttarakhand. The tradition of using wool and silk blended fabrics has been the USP of our state and UCRF has amplified the vision to create an ever-increasing variety of silk products. UCRF and its brand of Doon Silk give utmost importance to making our products only through handlooms, using only natural fibers like silk, wool, cotton, nettle, and hemp which do no harm to our environment and ecosystem.

Today our products are being exported to European and American markets through our buyers receiving an overwhelming response. Having the highest level of customers at all times, allows us, as Doon Silk, to add more strength to our quality and innovative perspective.

We would like to take this opportunity to assure our customers that the purity of our products is 100% guaranteed as we do not use any synthetic yarns as well as that the prices at which we provide them are also unparalleled. The sole purpose of UCRF and its brand of Doon Silk is to provide employment to over 6000 farmers, reelers, weavers, artisans, and dyers of Uttarakhand as such the prices are at which these products are being offered are at manufacturer’s rates.

We in the future would thrive to provide more new exciting and exclusive silk products to our customers a vision to which our team works and is devoted.

The main objectives of Uttarakhand Cooperative Resham Federation (UCRF) are :-

  • To develop sericulture industry with the help of their member societies to improve economic condition of Sericulturists, Reelers and Weavers.
  • To organize, develop, promote and strengthen primary sericulture societies and co-ordinate their activities for the development of Sericulture activities in the state.
  • To arrange the marketing of cocoons and to organize reeling of cocoon, silk yarn weaving and arrange marketing of silk yarn & fabrics through co-operative societies.
  • To arrange trade connection in India and abroad for disposal of silk yarn and fabrics.
  • To raise fund from various sources to achieve its objective by means & ways decided by the board of directors of the federation and to lend the money to its members.
  • To promote dyeing, printing, silk testing, twisting and use of by products.
  • Purchase of machinery and equipments as required.
  • Arrangements to undertake need based research.
  • Implementation of projects for development of Sericulture industry in the state.
  • To arrange various training programmes for their member.