Chairman's Message

In the first year tenure of the Board of Directors of UCRF emphasis was given to the production of silk and silk blended fabrics or garments according to the market needs. A fruitful outcome of which was that UCRF in the year 2019-20 increased its silk garments sales three times by adding a large variety of silk products in stock.

As you all are aware that this Corona Pandemic has had a very adverse effect on the market bringing down the demand for Silk Yarn and Garments. Despite this setback, UCRF has purchased Silk Cocoon worth Rs. 70 lacs from the sericulture farmers in the year 2020.

With the help of the State Government, UCRF has also provided Rs. 20 per kg bonus to the Sericulture farmers after buying the product at or above the MSP. An achievement of UCRF this year has been that with the help of the Central Government, we have provided the handloom weavers of Uttarakhand with silk-specific weaving handlooms at a minimal cost.

The future endeavors of UCRF look bright by providing customers with a wide variety and range of Silk products. We hope that our customers will be satisfied with the unmatched quality, purity, and exclusive traditional silk products of Uttarakhand.

With heartly greetings,


Chairman, UCRF